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LED TV Reviews Site LEDTVReviewsHQ.com aims to provide you with all the latest LED TV reviews and news as well as information about where you can buy your LED TV at the lowest price possible. We aim to transform the nations home entertainment systems; once you see a LED TV there is little chance that your will ever go back to either a plasma or LCD equivalent.

LED TV’s are the very latest generation of LCD televisions that have reached the market yet unless you are  TV specialist the chances are you know relatively little about them.

The current range of LED TV’s on the market is quite limited and is dominated by a few of the major consumer electronic manufactures such as Sharp, LG and Samsung.  Samsung in particular are seen as innovators within this market place as it is they that originally pioneered the LED TV technology.

This domination of the LED TV market will not last forever and all the other major players in the home entertainment sector are doing their most to catch up as quickly as possible and will all be adding LED TV’s to flatscreen TV line-up in the coming months.  This increased in competition should see a downward pressure on prices, making LED TVs much more affordable.

Don’t make an expensive mistake – Read our LED TV Reviews!!

LED TVs of any size are a significant purchase so it’s important that you read the reviews on this website before you make your purchase. Our team have years of experience in the technology sector so you can rely on their opinions. Make sure you read the reviews of all the LED TVs in the size bracket you are looking at as this will give you a rounded opinion and ensure you purchase the LED TV that is right for you and your individual requirements.

There are some great offers around at the moment so if you do wish to embrace this incredible new technology then please take the time to read our carefully craft LED TV reviews and you will find a wealth of information on product specifications and  independent reviews.

 Read LED TV Reviews before Purchasing the Newest TV Models

The newest generation of wide screen TVs is LED, but before jumping to buy the first one you see, you should check out LED TV Reviews and see what’s available and what’s worth purchasing.

First of all you want to ask yourself why you want to upgrade to a new generation television. The first thing that LED TV Reviews will mention is the contrast ratio. These new generation TVs have the best contrast ratios, because of their use of light emitting diodes instead of the cold cathode fluorescent lights, which cannot be turned off, therefore creating no dark images.  Moreover, because of this technology, manufacturers can now produce super slim TVs, ones that you can literally hang on your wall like a picture.

There are a few features you need to take into consideration when shopping for a LED TV, especially since it is not a cheap purchase. The TV is the centerpiece of your home theater system and the one that makes the first impression; if it is bulky and delivers fuzzy images, it means you’ve wasted your money.

Many LED TV reviews state that, when buying this type of TV, you should look for local dimming; this means that when the images dark – for example, the movie you are watching is showing a night scene – the TV will automatically know how to adjust so you can better see the details, unlike with an old style TV where you’re always annoyed that you can’t see anything on the screen, and you have no clue what’s going on in the movie. One the same line of thought, you want to choose a TV that’s as slim as possible, so that you can easily mount it on the wall if you want to.

Other LED TV Reviews mention that you should also look into what you can connect to your TV before buying it. You may want, for your convenience, to be able to hook it up to the computer, to have a memory slot for your camera cards or the flash drive, an Ethernet port and other video outputs. Since you’re thinking about buying the latest generation TV, you want to make the most out of it, to be able to use it not just for viewing TV shows, but also for gaming, videos, pictures and anything else you can think of.

The display is another important factor to consider. Many LED TV Reviews claim that you should be on the lookout for the quickest refresh rate. This means streaming video without any blurs or delays. Basically, you should look for a response time of 3 ms or faster. This is especially important if you like viewing action movies, playing computer games on your TV screen, or if you want to use it to exercise.

Another important factor to consider is customer support. It is imperative to have quick access to any information at any time of day, especially since you have paid so much money for your new TV. You also want to have different options to reach customer support, via phone, fax, email or in person and to talk to representatives that can help you and be patient as well.

The LED TV Reviews for 2012 mention models with an incredibly high quality image, as well as very user-friendly applications; you can even find TVs that are a bit cheaper than the rest on the market, even though they are still great quality.

The top LED TV models have plenty of features to keep the whole family happy: you can watch videos, access your Facebook account, play computer games, all with such ease! There are even TVs that come with a remote that has a full Qwerty keyboard, making it super easy to write or search for Tweets if you want to.

Led TVs exceed the image quality of any other types of TVs available on the market today. With such a TV, white will be the whitest and black the blackest, while the rest of the colors will be look lively and more natural than you could imagine. You couldn’t ask for anything more from a TV!

With so many choices of TVs out there, all you need to do is figure out your budget and do your research. Find out where you’ll be setting your TV and what other things you want to do with it. Then make sure you read some LED TV Reviews, so that you can make an informed decision.